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Get Started

Step One: Contact Us

The first step in beginning to work with a clinician at Dr. Shantelle and Associates is to contact us. If you know which clinician you would like to work with, you can email them directly through the link provided under their bio.


If you would like help in finding the clinician that will be the right fit for you, feel free to use the form on the Contact page, email Dr. Shantelle from your personal account, or call the intake phone number. Our intake department typically responds within 24-48 hours and will gather information regarding what services you need, insurance, availability, etc. so that Dr. Shantelle can match you with the clinician that will be the right fit.

Step Two: Schedule

Once contact is made, the clinician that you have chosen or with whom you are matched will work with you to schedule your first appointment. Whether your session is virtual or in the office, your clinician will provide you with all of the information that you need and will answer any other questions that you have at that time.

Step Three: Fill Online Paperwork 

Once an appointment has been made, you or your adult child will need to do the following before your first session:

1)  Register on the portal: Register as a new patient via the clinician’s online portal. You can find the link to each clinician’s portal under their bio in the “Our Team” section and in the list below.

2)  Complete forms and take pictures of insurance: Download and complete the intake forms found below. If using insurance, you will need to take a picture of the front and back of your insurance card.

3)  Upload and send information: Send the forms and the insurance card pictures in a secure message via the portal or to your clinician’s email, or bring it to your first in-person session.

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