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Although social-emotional content is starting to be taught in schools, the majority of people have been taught very little about mental health topics. These topics are not only important to your personal health, but to the health of your friends, colleagues, and community members. Whether you are planning for a conference, work training, or organizational luncheon, Dr. Shantelle and her clinicians can present information on mental health topics in a way that is helpful, interesting, and interactive. There are numerous topics that can be chosen, including, but not limited to, anxiety and/or depression in kids and teenagers, eating disorders, grief and loss, overcoming mental blocks in sports, performance anxiety, leadership and teamwork skills, overstimulation after the pandemic, social anxiety, stress and burnout, and parenting challenges. From parents to health professionals, Dr. Shantelle’s presentations can address your requested topic(s) and be tailored to the specific needs of your organization/group. Please contact Dr. Shantelle via the contact form to discuss the many options possible for your next event.

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